Grey Clouds (a song)

One day all the pain outweighs the pleasure
And the memories, each and all begin to fade
You can only pray for better weather
But grey clouds always threaten rain

Grey clouds threaten rain

The bliss of joy, it lasts but a moment
Cherished and treasured for it's rarity
A precious gift lost in impermanence
One more blessing depression has stolen from me

Grey clouds threaten rain

under the sun

wasn't strong enough
got tangled up
could not contain
a brutal future
doesn't get better

and i have hurled my fair share of scorn
at the weak strategies of women and men
inherently flawed by turning blind eyes
or simple willful ignorance
a poisonous bliss
bliss nonetheless
something more than this

not strong enough
to do what needs to be done
still nothing new
under the sun

"Thank U" epiphany

I would let you have it all
Each heartbeat, every breath
In moments like these
When I love myself
In such rare moments as these
You could take it all
Leave me back at square one
With nothing to work with
And nothing to gain
A mountain of a mole hill
I'd want you to soak in this feeling
Let it stain you like dye
Fly it like a flag
Hit the floor drunk with the ecstasy
Bust your head and wind up in the hospital
It's yours for the taking and so much more
If you can only help me know the truth
And ask of me one simple request
"How about not equating death with stopping?"
Please may the fire in my heart that acknowledges truth
Blaze all the brighter in the acceptance of this
For it is the biggest and best truth one could ever know

Foot in the Future

Squeezing my heart
The guilt of condemnation
Holds me down
With nowhere to turn
Nothing to be done
My foot's in the future
Where it doesn't belong

Wound sewn up all wrong
Ripped out the suture
Next time maybe a gun
Call it a lesson to learn
Get used to the sound
Of critical indignation
That's tearing me apart


Wash away waking life
A fraction of the day
Compressed and forgotten
Tossed away willingly
Not governed by time
Rendered powerless
Unconcerned and unattached
Free and floating falling into infinity
Gravity does not exist in this realm
Of orgasmic vertigo
A pillow for my head damp with tears
Is dry when I wake

Into Deeper Waters

I'm wading into deeper water
There is a place where the sun shines brighter
Empty as the next moment seems
To my sin blinded eye
Only to receive a flash of grace
A foreshadowing
A taste of eternity with the great I AM
Deeper water cover me
Shimmers of light flashing from the ripples
Coming from my sluggish legs
But moving
Into the joy of creating with the great I AM
Shallow water far behind
Teach me to smile again
The exquisite rapture of sympathy
Remove this hardened heart
Toss it to the bank
Replace it with compassion
Transmute desire into love
Into blossoming passion for the great I AM
Let me see You in my brothers' eyes
And offer my life for theirs

a prophecy of Babel 2.0

This tower will fall
humiliating, humbling
razed to rubble through
force of confusion
exposing the weakness
revealing the softness
of those trusting
it's shelter
the gods who maintained
fooled us all
those wraiths convinced us
the invisible crown
was a perfect fit
for our imperfect heads

Failed Telepathic Experiment #224

It's obvious
Static masked my thoughts
She couldn't plow through to truth
For I was still breathing
The gun in her purse
Much to my disappointment
Fully loaded and cold
I walked away
Navigated by telepathic insects
Scraping electrical pathways
Riding bitter cells, binary parasites,
Through narcotic blunted veins
To head and heart
Either one my preferred destination
Of her merciful ammunition

The Wrong Mister Morrison (an except from a longer work of fiction, as are we all)

I'm a sad excuse for a psycho
I ain't consistent enough
I called you here, why I don't know
You just both seemed so tough
And you both sang like gurus
From the land of the east
Chanting your Hare Krishna's
I always thought it was neat
You said you should start chanting
Cuz if you go while you are
You're gonna go straight to Godhead
Comin' back as a star

Yes, I'm a sad excuse for a wild man
My profile's way too low
And I wear the shoes of a large man
I wear a large man's clothes
Got mechanisms of torture
Stuff that'll scare you cold
I'll whip 'em out and I'll use 'em
If you ever get out of control
I'll put the wheaties in the bowl
I'll feed the newbies and the trolls
I used to live for rock and roll
But now that world has wrecked my soul
Yes you can bet that world killed my soul

Oh, I'm a bad excuse for a dead man
All that breathing gives me away
I can't convince nobody, nobody
My eyes move in my face

Thank you Mister Morrison
But I think we got the wrong Mister Morrison
I said
Thank you Mister Morrison
But I think we got the wrong Mr. Morrison